About Me

Who am I? What am I doing here?

I mean, I can't answer that. But I can tell you that I'm overcoming a nerdy upbringing with periodic lapses. And that I started this blog when I started taking piano lessons, all fresh-faced and excited. And then I had a neurological episode of some kind (neurofibrillary plaques and tangles, oh my!), so I used it to keep everyone up to speed on the crazy inside my brain. And then I got over that, and then I just started writing about stuff. Nothing of any particular import, just stuff that swims around in my head.
Here are some of the posts that I think tell some about me.

The time I became an atheist.

The reason I quit stand-up comedy.

What I think about plastic surgery.

The letter I wrote to my mom, 15 years later.

All the crazy white-people music I listen to.

An incomplete list of movies that make me cry every time.

The reason I left Facebook.

The time I ignored all the signs and it turned out OK.

The Venn diagram I made of the way other people remember shit. Spoiler alert: It's not the way I do!

Anyway, I hope both of you enjoy my blog. Thanks for reading.

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