Sunday, June 01, 2014

No resolution

TMBG comes up on pretty heavy rotation on my iPod. I've been a fan since my friend Brian played me Lincoln after a boy broke my heart freshman year. I sing along every time. 

So when I heard "Road Movie To Berlin" last week, it was probably the 500th time I'd heard it. And like every other time, I sang along:

Time won't find the lost; it'll sweep up our skeleton bones.
So take the wheel and I will take the pedals.

I really have no idea what that song is about, but those lyrics really hit me on that day. Time won't find the lost. It'll sweep up our skeleton bones.

It made me think of the billions upon billions of people who were born, and lived their entire lives and then died, and the people who remembered them who then lived *their* entire lives and died. It made me wonder, what does it matter what we do in this time? We will be gone. All the people to whom we're meaningful will be gone. It's not morose, I don't think. It's just a fact of time and reality.

I don't have anything particularly revelatory to say about that; I don't have any neat resolutions. It's just something that's been eating away at me. All of my life I have just wanted to do good. I wonder if that will change.

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