Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gone in a flash

Abbott watches a video series called Monsters. It's live-action, truck-roaring excitement -- Dirt Monsters, Fire Monsters, Garbage Monsters, et cetera. He has maybe 6 of the videos that he watches. There are about 10 total.

This morning he asked if he can watch Hedge Trimmer Monsters. It almost certainly does not exist, so I told him that. He said it was probably at the library and someone had checked it out and now they have returned it. And then I started to explain how every media item that we consume is made by someone -- someone had to sit down and write this book, and then someone else had to publish it before we could read it; someone had to make these videos, and so on.

As I was explaining all of that, I realized how infinite his sense of reality is right now, and how absolutely magical it is. And I know that he'll only have this completely mundane and innate sense of infinity for a nanosecond, that he'll understand finiteness so well tomorrow. And that understanding may one day feel crushing to him, as it has at times to me.

So I stopped explaining how things come into existence. It was just as well; he'd moved on to something else. Maybe he can keep the magic for one more day.

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