Sunday, May 16, 2010

STFU, future me!

I really hope I never become a mommyjacker. Never heard of the word? Neither had I until I came upon this awesome Web site today: STFU, Parents. It basically calls out all the people who used to be fun and able to Facebook about things other than their kids' diapers or lack of sleep. It also talks about the aforementioned mommyjacking, which goes like this:

Person 1: Regular status update like, "I am suffering from writer's block today."
Person 2: Totally hijacks status update with something like, "I can't believe my kid is 1 year old today!"

Of course, Facebook will possibly implode by the time I have the kid. But I never, never want to be Person 2 in this scenario. If you see that happening, please, please tell me. I said to Jeffrey tonight, "I really hope I stay funny." I can tell that he hopes so, too. And not in an ironic way.

Whew, ok. Moving on.

I had a lovely weekend shopping with Bernadette in Bethesda. I mostly window-shopped, which was fun and inexpensive. There's a super-cute little shop there called Red Orchard. We only found it because the restaurant where we wanted to eat couldn't seat us for an hour, but it was the best shop we saw all day. I love serendipity like that.

Then I got home today and Jeffrey and I went to the annual art festival near our neighborhood. It makes me crazy because it draws in all kinds of people with gigantic cars who don't quite know how to park? You know? But we walked over and got a turkey leg and a shaved ice. And then everything was OK again. I charted it thusly:

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Julie said...

OMG, thanks for the link to that site. I totally just went through my sister's Facebook page looking for something to submit (she has TWINS). :)

But please don't be afraid to post kid stuff. Kids and your reaction to having one are inherently hilarious, especially among friends. And we all know you have the necessary filter.