Monday, May 24, 2010

I chose ... wisely

Jeffrey and I wrapped up our birthing classes this week. After 2 months of complimenting each others' healthy snacks and talking organic cotton baby carriers, we couples finally let our hair down and got a bit goofy. People dispensed with the hummus and the carrot sticks and brought cupcakes, cookies and strawberry shortcake. We all talked about the bad things we'd done, the sips of margaritas at the barbecue, the mochachinos, the sushi. It was refreshing.

Later on in the class, some of the second-time moms were talking about how to explain the newborn's umbilical cord to big brother or sister. One suggested comparing it to a raisin. Jeffrey and I were thrown by this. He said, "How will they know that they're not supposed to touch this treat that they just had for snack?" I said, "It will be called the Raisin of Knowledge." Jeffrey laughed. Even though we are not on the same page religion-wise, we're at least in the same book, whose title is lower-case.

But infinitely more importantly, it's nice to have someone on your side – who also thinks you're funny.

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