Sunday, April 04, 2010

Because a vision softly creeping left its seeds while I was sleeping

Jeffrey and I learned this week we're going to have a boy. Smile for a boy! It's not any more exciting than finding out we are having a girl would have been, but it's just nice to be able to start thinking about our child in more real terms and to be able to abandon gender-neutral personal pronouns.

I know this will seem sort of out of character for me, but I pretty much felt it was going to be a boy. Both Jeffrey and I had been having dreams about our kid, independently, and it was always a boy. I had one very early on, and it was this boy with this crazy shock of shiny black hair. And when I woke up and told Jeffrey about it, he said, "That's funny. I've been dreaming about a boy, too." Then later I had a dream I was reading to him. It could have been a complete coincidence, I recognize, but it just happens that I was not surprised.

Anyway, that morning I told my friend Rita right away, and she said we should go out and celebrate and buy some boy clothes. That's what she and her husband had done when they found out they were having a boy. But it was an incredibly rough week work-wise for me, so we didn't make it out.

Then this weekend we went shopping for a crib and stroller, and we got pissy, as we do. Those strollers are so hard to fold down! It was deflating. So I remembered what Rita said, and took us over to the boy clothes. But it didn't work. We just left, empty-handed and tired.

I'll tell you what did work, though. We had to go to Target to get some low-light bulbs for the bathroom (bright enough to light my constant night peeing but dim enough that I might be able to return to sleep) and we wandered through the science fiction toys. Really, they were just brightly colored plastic pieces of garbage that have little or no use and are bound for the landfill. But you know, Jeffrey could not have been happier.


Julie Elman said...

i love the way you write.

Julie Elman said...

it's AWESOME! Never, ever quit! My question to you now is: What's the title of your book (e-book or otherwise)? And when will you publish it?

nrrdgrrl said...

Julie, I love you. Please never ever quit!