Saturday, April 10, 2010

And just in case you wanted to see him ...

Here he is:

I like our ultrasound technician because she always labels the head and body. Sometimes I look at these things and see little alien bodies. But this one is pretty good.

In other baby news, I've been feeling him squirming around in there. It mostly feels like my bowels moving, but I know they're not right in that spot. So it must be him. It's not like he's kicking or punching yet, as far as I can tell. And it's not quite strong enough yet for me to call Jeffrey into the room from wherever he is, just for the baby to stop doing what he was doing. 

We also are taking birthing classes every Thursday for 2.5 hours. So far it's been pretty good. At first it was a bit too feeling-y, but now it's seeming more practical, and therefore my speed.

In nonbaby news, I have decided after years of trying that Jeffrey and I simply do not see eye to eye on cheeses. Swiss, you're flavorless and pointless. You're dead to me now. Now, an Emmentaler or a Gruyere, I can understand. There's something to work with. But the saddest grilled cheese in the world is one that has Swiss in it. 

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