Monday, March 08, 2010

And now for the most useful thing you will ever see on my blog

I've been struggling with belly bands (tummy bands, bella bands, what have you) ever since I got pregnant. It's a spandex tube that is supposed to hold up your pants while you wear them unbuttoned because you're growing a little person inside you but you can't suddenly go out and get a bunch of new pairs of pants. Well, the band has never worked for me. Maybe I'm not big enough yet. Maybe I'm too sensitive in the belly parts. Not sure. No matter.

Because there are 2 ways to keep pants up, am I right? Through cinching and through suspension! However the problem with traditional suspenders was that they would come down in a sore, tender spot. I did a little research and found these:

Pregnancy suspenders!

Yeah, I didn't know what they were, either, but they come down the sides and clip onto the pants. They're perfect! These are available at I am excited beyond belief.


Anonymous said...

Much better than that contraption are BELLY UPS - check them out at

nrrdgrrl said...

Oh really? I saw those before I chose these suspenders; those Belly Ups looked *super* uncomfortable to me. I don't want anything hanging from my bra -- particularly when my breasts are already more tender and heavy during pregnancy. I just think these are a far better execution of the idea.