Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More lyrical madness

Warning: Rant ahead.
OK, I've been listening to pop radio, and that is never a good thing. What is the deal with all these pitiful-girl-next-door songs? I got somewhat worked up listening to one tonight. I thought they had come out of nowhere and proliferated in the past year, but then I discovered that someone named Taylor Swift is responsible for most of them. Yep, she's the one with the best guy friend she secretly pines for. Aside from the fact that this is a wholly laughable construct, it sends a completely pathetic, desperate message.

Sung: But she wears short skirts/I wear T-shirts
She's cheer captain/And I'm in the bleachers

Unsaid: As we compete for men, we can categorize ourselves based on completely superficial characteristics and pit ourselves against each other.

Sung: Standing by and waiting at your back door/All this time how could you not know

Unsaid: If I wait passively long enough, you will choose me. I have nothing to say or do about it.

Sung: I'm the one who makes you laugh/When you know you're about to cry

Unsaid: If I give enough, I can make you happy! And then you will choose me!

The thing is, these types of songs never talk about the major deal-breaker with these guys: they aren't into you. So why would you stay hooked on someone who doesn't want you? Tell him how you feel and then move the f*k on. And I know, yes, these are fictitious songs. But I also know there are women out there in this situation, crying on their painted guitars. And I have been in this situation myself. And I wish that someone had just told me to move the f*k on. That it's not going to be this guy, and that's OK. That things do not just come to you in life just because you want them; you have to do something about it. Not that I'd have listened to any of that. Still.

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