Saturday, January 09, 2010

The return of snidbits

Or, slightly longer than a status update, but less ponderous than the normal pap.

1. So, OK, I'm back to doing all the hippie sh*t. When I threw in all the blacks last week with regular detergent, they wound up with some white crap all over them. I ended up having to wash them 5 times. Seriously not worth it.

2. A friend and I were discussing unrequited hate today. It started out as a joke, a little clever word play, but my brain is still chewing on the concept. I guess unrequited hate makes us feel bad because when we hate a person, the decent thing for them to do is to return the enmity. But when they don't, they're better than us. And that sucks.

3. Our main TV died. We bought the 36-inch CRT behemoth 3-4 years ago on Craigslist, or as the older media refer to it, the "online classified ad Web site," Don't even get me started. At any rate, it's heavy like a piano, and now has no picture, also like a piano. So I put it back on Craigslist, free to a good home. A mobile TV repair guy came and picked it up. He only turned out to be a repair guy; he didn't say that when he asked if he could come have it, to which I replied with great enthusiasm. Anyway, he offered to fix it, but I really just wanted it out of our home. Why keep reviving obsolete technology? Plus, the sh*t was heavier than William Taft. I'm happy to be rid of it.

4. However now that begins the painful process of a Major Purchase. Tackling such a task alone is difficult enough, but reaching agreement is nigh impossible. We've done tons of research, asked friends, checked prices, looked at ratings charts. My head is pretty much spinning at this point. In fact, I just jumped over to Consumer Reports, and now I'm wondering if the one we decided on is the right one for us. Oh man, Jeffrey's going to hate this.

That's all I got right now. And it's cold, which makes me remember that I can't move back to Iowa.

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