Monday, January 25, 2010

I haven't much today

Someone else's negativity is sort of bringing me down. But I don't want to add negativity to the sum total in the world. So I'll leave that topic. Moving on.

Jeffrey and I had to break down and buy a new computer this weekend. His old one had been eating his music data for years. Really, for years I've been telling him to get one. But he always put it off. And then it ate his data one last time.

As I was chastising him once again for waiting so long, I said, "I wonder what it is about waiters like you that attracts you to doers, like me."

And he said, "Maybe we're the only ones who can put up with you!"

Probably he is right. Today I asked Paul, another in my life who, shall we say, moves deliberately, why our types are drawn to each other, even as friends. He said, "We give you something to do."

And I say, thank goodness for those who give me something to do. :)

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