Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A couple things that make me crazy

First, I'm looking for a new word for technologically savvy to replace "wired." Who actually uses a wired network these days? So last century. The other day Paul and I were trading technologically disparaging comments about someone we know. He said, "I bet he uses Internet Explorer." I said, "I bet he uses NCSA Mosaic!" Ahahaha. I just love geek humor.

Second, I'm tired of the phrase " thrown under the bus." It would be a Herculean task to actually throw someone under a bus, since there's typically nothing under a bus but ground. How about just "in front of a bus"? I think that would do plenty of bodily damage, and it's much more practical.

OK. That's all I got tonight. I'm running very low on sleep because I've been up the past few nights making sea salt toffee for a bake sale benefiting The Joy Fund. But today Jeffrey said, "I think you shouldn't do The Joy Fund next year. It makes you too morose." And I think he's probably right.

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