Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And I'm free!

Last year, during my homemade naan obsession, I bought one of those big, iconic KitchenAid stand mixers. I went to several stores, armed with coupons and ratings and sales fliers. Did I want one with a bowl that swiveled up? Or did I want one with a head that swiveled down? How much "flour power" (not my phrase) did I want? I chose, and put back, then chose, then put back, several models. And that's saying something, 'cause those suckers are heavy. But I finally decided on one and brought it home.

Then I used it maybe 3 times in a year. Our kitchen's configuration is such that in order to use it, I must heft the mixing behemoth from one counter to another, where it blocks access to the measuring cups and spoons. You see that it takes a lot of planning and commitment.

We also have a hand mixer, but it's some powerless off-brand piece of garbage that I bought many years ago, before I realized that buying rubbish for a small amount of money is no bargain. That one I really never use. I'm pretty sure the attachments are all rusted out, though I'm not sure where they are.

So yesterday, when I got an e-mail from my good friends Williams and Sonoma telling me that a Cuisinart hand mixer with fantastic ratings was on sale for just one day, I called and had them hold one for me. It would be far more convenient, and it was on sale, and Jeffrey and I had a gift card that covered the amount and then some.

And off I went. I checked out all the hand mixers they had, with the functions, and the brushed chrome, and the power. They were all on sale, it turns out. But about two minutes into my typically joyful research, it hit me: I don't need one of these. What the heck am I going to use it for? I haven't used my hand mixer in years, and I have one of those big, expensive stand mixers. I'm going to drop 50 bucks to make something that I never do slightly more convenient?

So I said, "Enough." I don't need another redundancy, no matter how high-quality, in my kitchen. And I walked out. And I felt more free than I could ever remember feeling.


Julie Elman said...

I'd click the "like" word here if there was one!

abbersnail said...

I have become well-acquainted with that feeling over the past few years. There's something incredibly liberating about refusing to get more "stuff."