Monday, November 16, 2009

And speaking of things that are ridiculous,

I saw this at BJ's today. It's a Chocolate Milk Maker by Hershey. Let me say that again: A chocolate milk. MAKER. By Hershey. It's a little plastic low-powered mini-blender that runs on batteries to "mix the perfect glass of chocolate milk every time." Luis would call this a dust-attracter. I call it pre-garbage. And I know that it's pre-garbage because I have bought plenty of things like this in my time. I mean, not this ridiculous, but things that were ridiculous in their own right. I'm staring at a stack of them right now. Things that I thought were funny that I could have just taken a picture of or made a note about instead of actually owning them. A Gargamel figurine (not even posable). A Northwestern University Barbie doll. The entire collection of The Monkees TV series on VHS. See, now these things are cluttering up my home. But at least they're teaching me not to buy sh*t like a chocolate milk maker.

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