Thursday, August 06, 2009


Well, no one seems to be reading this. No matter.

My big news this week is that Jeffrey and I are going to Barcelona in October! We considered staying in a hotel this time but decided that small room x 8 days = certain divorce. So I found an apartment in Eixample for even less money than the hotel we were flirting with, which was already quite reasonable. It's always sort of a gamble to book online, but I'm excited about this place. And so far everything has been smooth with the agency.

We bought our tickets last night for only a little bit more than it costs to fly to Iowa. For reals. Now I gotta get cracking on my Espanol. Jeffrey took it in high school, but I found out tonight that he also took French in college. And I don't remember any of that coming up when we were in Paris. I took Latin, of course. So when we need to talk about the farmer's pretty daughter in ancient Rome, I'm on it.

Now is the time during which Jeffrey and I will research restaurants obsessively. We'll be there for eight days, which means probably, at most, 16 meals out, since one of the best reasons to get an apartment is breakfast in. So we'll find maybe 100 restaurants, and read hundreds of reviews in a couple different languages, on many, many Web sites. Also books. Not to mention scouring the streets while we are there to find hidden treasures. I will be leaving my vegetarianism here in the states. It is the ham capital of the world, for goodness' sake.

I am looking at it with an eye toward economy, in case there are back-seat riders in our lives soon. For the same reason, Jeffrey thinks we should just spend the money we spend, because if there are back-seat riders in our near future we won't be able to take a big trip like this again. I guess I can see his point. Either way, I think it will be great.

In other news, I've self-diagnosed myself with nonfiction ADD, thanks to Barbie. A couple months ago I picked up this great Julian Barnes book about death called "Nothing To Be Frightened Of." It's entertaining, informative and funny. Everything you want in a book. But I just can't finish it. I just can't do it. And with that hanging over my head, I picked up "Everything and More," by David Foster Wallace. It's about infinity! Who am I kidding? I'm never going to finish it! I love David Foster Wallace, of course. But even his lightest stuff is dense. I have to admit though, I've never read a book about math with such raw vulnerability and humor.

But seriously.

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