Friday, August 14, 2009

Funny ha-ha

I did stand-up a couple times in college. I had a tight 3-minute set, with just 1 good joke. For a very brief time, I thought about quitting journalism to go into it. That's in between thinking I could be a professional bowler and manual laborer. My mind wanders.

I got good feedback when I did it; people laughed. But I stopped doing it in July of 1997 when a co-worker's husband said to me, "Sure, you're funny. But what are you really saying?" Turned out, nothing.

So I never did it again. But today I got 2 separate e-mails from people telling me about an open mic night. And it has me thinking. I wonder if I can get back the sense of humor that drained out of me while I was news editor.

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Kettletini said...

Do open mic night. Tell the Cooter joke!