Monday, December 24, 2007

So what, I get married and I stop blogging?

Well, I didn't mean for that to happen. Here's the quickest of quick catch-ups:

Wedding: Lots of family, craziness, fun. Paris: Food and beauty in a magical city. Man, I really miss those figs. Every day, fresh figs. As Jeffrey says, both delicious and delightful.

Ever since then, it's been busy, busy. We went to Iowa to see our new niece:
This is her at 3 weeks. Already I can tell she's very intelligent. She's very inquisitive, always looking around. And come on, look at her. Very, very cute. We were stuck in Iowa for 2 extry days because of a snow/ice/freezing rainstorm, which was OK, but has had us on the run since.

So I've been working, knitting a little, and re-igniting my love of "Homicide: Life on the Street." It is one of the best shows that ever appeared on television. I discovered it in syndication when I was living in a sad little furnitureless apartment in Bremerton, staying up at night to watch "Sisters" on Lifetime: Television for Women. One night, "Sisters" ended, and then this crazy, gritty show came on in its stead. No warning. On Lifetime! Anyway, look at some of this dialogue:
Bayliss: If your husband was sentenced to death, why would you kill yourself and then orphan your son?
Pembleton: Well, Tim, you are the primary on this quickly deepening quagmire. I'll leave that question for you to answer.
Bayliss: Thanks. Hope you get polyps.

Can you beat it? It's not just about the crime. These characters are incredibly smart, sometimes handicapped by hubris, and unfailingly human. Right now I'm watching Season 4 on my own and Season 5 with Jeffrey. He likes the Luther Mahoney arc. And of course, there's Junior Bunk to look forward to.

The piano has been going well. I finally have mastered 6/8 time, but now sixteenth-notes are sort of kicking my ass, particularly when interspersed with eighth-notes. I think my brain's just deteriorated past the point of understanding those. Right now I'm playing the first four measures of a very simple lower part of a Tchaikovsky piece. I've heard people call him a hack, but the music (when I can play it) is really beautiful. So what if he's a hack?

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Maliavale said...

Welcome back! I'll take figs and a cute baby, too.

I assume your comment about Junior Bunk means you watch The Wire already, yes? I cannot recall if we ever talked about this. But you must! I don't want to have to evangelize to you, too.