Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Who's writing this garbage?

So, it turns out I've been driving around with a brick. Not a metaphorical kind of brick (ok, arguably, a metaphorical kind of brick), but an actual, what-the-most-forward-thinking-little-pig-used-to-build-his-house kind of a brick. I have no earthly idea why. Here it is:I mean, seriously, writers. So obvious. What's next? Meredith does a voice-over about how sometimes you just have to let go to move on? Cristina has a secret sad look? Come on.

As you can see, the cleaning continues in Countdown to Nuptials 2K7. Today I cleaned out my car. I decided to get rid of the brick, some old cans of green beans, and a cheap beach chair I'd been driving around with that I've never ever taken out. I also took out my tape collection, as my tape player died years ago. I'm going to donate it to the local selling charity. Maybe someone will want OU812! Oh, Van Hagar. How I miss you.

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