Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stress snapshot

So when we decided to get married a week into our two-week scheduled vacation, I thought, "what the heck am I going to be doing all that time?" Even last week, I thought, man, this will be relaxing. Welp, I was wrong. I mean, it's my fault for having put everything off. So today I've been getting fitted for undergarments, dropping stuff off and taking care of last-minute details with caterers and the like. So, round about 1, the phone rang, and it was the YMCA. Last week I had a run-in with the Y front-desk people because I couldn't clear Homeland Security to get in to play my game of HORSE. FOR THE KIDS!

Anyway, so I was already a little tense when it rang. I picked it up and answered, "Newsroom, this is Judy!" And see, that's not even my external-call greeting. It was James. He said, "Judy, you need to calm down." He was right.

Just the night before, I had been talking with his wife about soups and I said, "I make a homemade chicken tortilla soup." AND THAT IS A TOTAL LIE! I was like, "Wait, what did I just say?" It was so bizarre! It didn't really seem like a lie because I really believed it when I said it and I took it right back. But it just came right out! I am really crazy.

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