Sunday, October 14, 2007

So, other stuff

I seem to just be writing about my case of the crazies, so here's some of the other stuff that's been going on.

1. Everyone at work has been super-great about the wedding. Saturday was my last night at work and I came into a wildly decorated desk, with confetti, flower petals, balloons, and some streamers. Also, a physical tiara, to match the one I always wear inside my head. It was really, really nice. The night before, Good Brian had made some wonderful cookies and the night side had gotten us a gift card at 3 local restaurants. It was really kind, and definitely unexpected. A lot of people have offered to help, as well as put up with me giving minute-by-minute changes in the forecast for Saturday. It's meant a lot.

2. We are in full-on Paris Craze. Jeffrey's been researching restaurants, and I've been researching ways in which we will be able to have telephone service to make reservations at said restaurants. It's the perfect distribution of labor for us. I LOVE PRACTICALITY! I installed Skype on the computer last night (our Paris apartment has DSL but not a phone) and I spent today messing with it and adding all the restaurants we're looking at. One I wanted to go to on my birthday was L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. He's uber-famous, and is supposedly one of the best chefs in the world. Like really next-next-level stuff, apparently. Articles about him and the restaurant use words like "worship" and "privilege." And I guess maybe I'm thinking that I'm not famous-chef-food people, you know? I'm not sure I go for 17 one-bite courses. So we have a reservation there for my birthday, but I'm also reading about some lower-key places about which I can hardly find any information on the Internet. I feel good about that, because all the things I find about them are good, and include words like "secret" and "find." I think I'm more secret-find people. I am DEFINITELY compound-modifier people!

3. Are there ANY thank-you notes made for dudes? I went looking for some generic ones the other day and they were all flowers and butterflies and little felt purses. Is it just that women give them? Surely, women aren't the only ones who get them. I think this is a great opening for a cardmaker. On the front it could say, "Hey, thanks, man." On the inside it could say something like, "Let's not make this weird, OK?" I think that would fly off the shelves. In a really macho sort of way.

4. Jeffrey and I are still looking for rings. I know it's a little late in the day, but we just recently decided whether we would have rings at all. Neither of us is a ring kind of person. So we went looking today. Most places were none too excited when they heard I didn't want anything in a precious metal or with gems. But we went into one place today in which we felt immediately at ease. We said to the woman behind the counter, who seemed warm with a touch of hippie perhaps, "Hi, we're looking for wedding bands, with no, you know, blood on them." She smiled genuinely, though that may have just been surprise. We're surprising. And then later she showed us a ring, and Jeffrey said, "This is sort of Lord of the Ringish." And I said, "Yeah, it has that one ring to rule them all feel." And she laughed. We ended up not buying anything at all today, but at least we had one experience that didn't feel gross.

5. I finally had that HORSE game with the VP of the company. It was more fun (and strenuous) than I expected it to be. Of course, he threw it, but I actually ended up hitting way more shots than I would have ever guessed. For some reason, I was on fire from the three-point line! I mean, seriously! And I got there early to practice, and I was able to perfect one facing the other direction, without looking! It was crazy! We ended up playing a game of CAT, too, and he spotted me a couple letters. It was for the kids.

OK I'd better go clean. Today Jeffrey's trying to introduce me to something called "dusting." Crazy man.

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