Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The other night, in one of our weary, bitter talks, Evil Brian gave me the best compliment I've gotten in a long time. He said, "You don't seem that crazy." That should give you some idea of the current climate.

We're inside 2 weeks in Wedding Countdown 2K7. Jeffrey is incredibly excited and sweet. I, on the other hand, find myself crying at pretty much the drop of a hat. Let's see, what was it today? Oh yes, you know that Everlast song, "What It's Like"? So I was driving to Target today, and I heard that stanza about the girl who goes to get an abortion and gets static at the clinic, you know? And I just start crying. Why? Why? Last week, when I saw Hung win Top Chef, I really started crying. He was a real jerk on the show, but then I saw him there with his mom and I couldn't even try to keep it together. She was so proud of him. And I think my mom would be so proud of me right now. She'd be delighted. And in 2 weeks I'm getting married and she won't be there. I know I've had a long time to get used to that fact (she died more than 8 years ago), but I just haven't. I wish I could.

Other stuff going on:

I have been comfort-food crazy lately. I made like 4 meatloafs in a row (along with Cooking Light basic mashed potatoes) and then I switched over to caldo verde. I put in a ton of lemon juice, and I think it's really delicious.

I won a game of HORSE with the vice-president of our company. When I say, "I won a game of HORSE with the vice-president of our company," I don't mean I actually have won it. I'm certain to lose it. But I won it, as a prize, in our company's United Way raffle. Seriously. A bunch of people won gift cards to Wawa. I won humiliation. I have ordered this shirt for the occasion.
I went to buy some track pants to go with it today. Why is so much workout gear made in velour? Is there a lot of working out done just outside the shower? I ended up getting nothing at all.

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