Saturday, September 22, 2007


So Stephanie and I went to play tennis again this morning, something we've done maybe 5 times, once a week since I saw that movie "Wimbledon." We hit the ball back, and then forth, for about an hour without keeping score. That's lucky, because I can't imagine there'd be a winner. We'd just be loser and losest.

But today something hit us as we got to the neighborhood courts. Uh-oh. People.

I think one of them was a local TV personality. We were nervous. I didn't want any tips from anybody and Stephanie didn't want to hit the ball into their court. So we relegated ourselves to the far court, leaving one court as a buffer. It turns out that they shot a ball into our court first! I stopped being nervous after about 15 minutes, and went about my pattern: Hit the ball, wait for it to come back, miss it, then run toward the ball swinging the swing I'd have swung if I had it all to do over again. It works for me.

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