Friday, July 13, 2007


A friend and I were chatting over lunch yesterday. You know what's a weird word? Husband. You know what's an even weirder word? Wife. Don't get me wrong; I'm very excited to be getting married to Jeffrey. But you know, I'm going to have a husband. And I'm going to be a wife. It's just very, very weird.

I'm very specific about words and phrases. I like to think that it's because I work with words for a living, but probably it's because I'm oversensitive and I talk too much. Whatever the reason, here are a couple phrases that I hate. If I hear them in the right context, it's possible I may get violent.

"I'm just beating myself up over it." Really? You're really beating yourself up over it? This phrase means someone who speaks bullshit psychotalk feels EXTREMELY sorry for themselves and wants you to, too. Who wouldn't feel sorry for someone who's doing themselves internal bodily injury??? Oh yeah, me, that's who. I'm a cold b.

"My bad." I don't know why I hate this one so much, but I do. I guess I'm just traditional when it comes to "Oh, I'm sorry, I made that mistake." It's sort of like when I see "mishap" being misused. "17 injured in truck mishap." I bet those people who are injured don't think it's an oopsie-daisies.

Whew, that's enough hate for now. It's been sort of an angry week.

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