Sunday, July 15, 2007

Some random things I love

1. The "When the Going Gets Tough" video. It has Danny DeVito, Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas as back-up singers/dancers wearing all white. Them acting out the lyrics is just hilarious and endearing. "Darling! I'll climb any mountain!" and then later, "Oooh! Can I touch ya?" They're all so adorable. There's no way to watch this video without smiling. It's like I actually believe that the three of them did the background singing on the Billy Ocean track. That's how good their acting is. I mean, it's nondescript and pretty easy; they could have done the singing! I especially love the end when they start scrapping with each other and run off the stage.

2. The West Wing episode: Debate Camp. The president's staff handles him just right but has a lot of fun trying to get Toby and Andy back together, too. It's in the fourth season, when Rob Lowe was still in it, and before the Donna/Josh thing got stupid. Also, Mary Louise Parker is such a great, sexy, feminist. And they sing Latin in 8-part harmony! How great is that?! There are a lot of great episodes (the beginning of the second season when Josh gets shot and they all recall how they got to the campaign is really good too) but I really love this one.

3. Produce aisles in the state of Washington. When I lived in Bremerton, one great joy I had was walking down the apple aisle at the local Safeway. Sure, I had to time taking a bus there and back, and it rained ALL THE TIME, but there was an entire aisle full of different kinds of apples. The sheer volume and variety boggled my mind. And, of course, it's where I learned about Rainier cherries, which were dirt cheap there and exquisite. Now I'm deciding whether to shell out $7.99 a pound for that sweet nostalgia. Mostly it's a no.


So I've been writing people to let them know I'm getting married. I don't know. I guess I think it's one of those things that people write to each other and tell them. Not like I have much experience in these types of things; I only know a couple people who are married -- that I know of. I say that because here's how it's gone for the past 2 people I've written to let them know:

Me: Hey, I just wanted to write to let you know that I'm getting married.
Alexis: Congratulations on your wedding! I met someone last summer and we got married in November!

Me: Hey there. I just wanted to let you know that I'm getting married!
Jeremy: Oh wow! Congratulations! ... Have I told you about my son, Hank? He was born 3 months ago.

So I guess the lesson here is that I have to keep in better touch.

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