Saturday, July 21, 2007

And the sign said, long-haired freaky people need not apply

Tonight was batshit at work. Everything kept changing. So that means just one thing: a night of relaxing with "Say it With Sign"!
I LOVE Say it with Sign. It is an incredibly cheesy early '80s PBS-esque (though I actually think it's NBC) show in which an adorable and theatrical husband-and-wife team teaches sign language conversationally. So far I've learned like 4 letters and maybe 15 words. I bought a few of the videos at a library sale a couple years ago for maybe a buck apiece. It really is too great. Every episode, one of them signs out a song. The first one is "Consider Yourself!" from "Oliver!" And then they sit on the couch and have a sign conversation. And always, they flirt. Unfortunately, the person who spoke sign at the post office doesn't appear to work there anymore. I'm going to have to go out and find someone to tell please, thank you, and yesterday I felt fine but I now am feeling cold or hot. It's kind of a workout, really.

Oh man. Now they're showing pictures of their baby and signing about her. I love this so much.

Oh, and for you out-of-towners, I got new glasses this week. They're a bit of a funk upgrade for me. Here they are:

They have funky bows, too, but I couldn't figure out how to photograph that without it looking funny.

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jleica said...

love your specs!