Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Stormy weather

It is storming like the apocalypse right now. (I mean, I don't know much about the apocalypse, and whether rain is even involved, but it FEELS extremely end-timey) Jeffrey and I were out on the porch, where the air was still, looking at our plants and drinking wine when very suddenly, it got so windy. Within a minute of the wind starting, things were flying around the porch and I had to bring my arugula inside. It's just a baby!

Jeffrey went back to his den right away, but my first instinct was to cuddle. I was like, "Let's curl up somewhere NOW!" It's crazy what kind of person I've become. Last week I came home to find a roach on our railing and I screamed. Like really screamed, a la bloody murder. Jeffrey was unimpressed. Then yesterday I saw a little baby mouse (I'm not going to hurt you, baby mouse. But please go away!) and I screamed again. Like, out of my skin. Please don't yelp, Jeffrey said.

Anyway, how did this happen? Who am I? (other than a person who lives with pests, suddenly) I was never like this when I lived alone all those years. I've killed the likes of Gregor Samsa with nothing but an old shoe and common household chemicals. I was a tough b. And now I'm screeching. How annoying.

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