Saturday, June 16, 2007

O no, not I, I will survive

Every night when I come home, I take a Maglite out and check on my plants. I check their soil moisture, I check their growth, I talk to them. And then I sometimes sit out there and just enjoy them. I flash the light on them, and think about how far they've come.

In the morning, same routine, sans flashlight. I go out, I water if necessary (too much love kills!), I read my container gardening book about the best ways to harvest them, I feel their leaves to see if they feel limp or strong. I enjoy their sun. It focuses me. It relaxes me. It's the manner in which I roll.

This little guy amazes me so much. We clipped a lot of cilantro last week for turkey sandwiches (SO GOOD) and fish. I honestly believed that would be it for it, you know, that I'd gotten my money's worth from this plant I got for $2.48 at Lowe's. But just a couple days later, leaves started sprouting out of where we cut it. Just right out of the stems like that! Like they were in there all along. A couple years ago my cilantro unceremoniously died a couple days after I brought it home from the store like a carnival prize goldfish. I truly cannot believe how it's regenerating itself like that. It looks so frail, so ready to be killed by the slightest wind. Nature is freaking magical.

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