Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just walk away

Ever since the toilets at our workplace went infrared, I've had to break my habit of flushing them right after I get up, because they'll just automagically flush again as I walk away. And nothing pisses me off more than water wasted for silly reasons. So what I've found out is a) it was a really easy habit to break, and b) my home toilet doesn't flush automatically. Bummer.

Speaking of property operations, the air conditioning was off when I got to work today. It strained social relations to say the least. A few pals brought up the story of my first day of college. I'd two-strapped my backpack full of shiny new school supplies to class about 20 minutes early. OK, like 35. I shared Psychology A10, a distribution requirement, with hundreds. As I was preparing to bust out my prettiest handwriting (and maybe color-coded pens?), two women came in late and shouted, "It is hot AS ASS in here!" I think they were seniors. I could feel my face fall.

And four years later, I barely graduated. It was hot as ass in there.

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