Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I swear, I was in a good mood for a LONG TIME

I had a really great day today. First lunch with Lauren at a great sushi place, then very productive bulk shopping. Then I come home to find that Jeffrey had filled the watering can! Without me asking! So nice.

And then I got home from work in a ridiculously good mood. We had some problems at work and I solved them. And a few people commented on how cool I was about it. I really came home feeling like a leader tonight. I felt like I had fulfilled my potential to not only fix problems, but to remain calm about it.

So I was actually singing as I grabbed my Maglite to see how my plants were doing. And in the dark, lit by the low beam, I saw it: a dead bird, face-down in my brand-new basil/arugula/chervil window box, which I had JUST mounted this weekend. I yelped and ran back into the house. Jeffrey took care of it. I don't know what killed it, and I'm wondering if I should get rid of those plants now, and if they're tainted in some way. I just can't stop myself from holding my head with both hands.

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