Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The good life

After a steady diet of crappy fast food on our Sunday drive home, Jeffrey made good on his promise to cook with whatever I grow. Here's what we came home to (Thanks, Lauren!) -- bushy growth! So yesterday I made my first Caprese orzo salad of the year, which is a hallmark of summer in our house. It's orzo, olive oil, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and LOTS of fresh basil. I ate about half of it while I was making it. It was good. Then Jeffrey made a Giada De Laurentiis' Roman-style chicken, which includes chicken, prosciutto, peppers, capers, and best of all, fresh thyme and oregano from our garden! It was really, really good. Then I spent all night researching recipes for the rest of our herbs. I have to use the cilantro soon before it goes to seed. Looks like salsa's in our future!

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