Wednesday, June 20, 2007

But the great news is ...

I made a major breakthrough with 6/8 time this week. I was playing this piece by Robert Vandall (elementary to LATE ELEMENTARY!) and it just didn't sound right. I was counting under my breath, 123456! breath! 123456! with every measure. I said to Jeffrey, does this sound right? It doesn't quite sound like music. I'm playing it right, but it doesn't sound right.

Then I remembered what my teacher told me last time I swore off 6/8 -- to try counting it "one lolly two lolly" instead. She said it was absolutely natural. I was incredulous. How could I translate 123456 to one lolly two lolly? It was going to take more brainpower than I could devote!

But I tried it with Mr. Vandall. And I'm telling you, it worked! It was crazy. The very first time through with the new counting, I could tell what it was meant to sound like.

I can not WAIT to get to early intermediate.

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