Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Piano Town

It occurs to me as I write this that this will likely be the first blog entry in the history of blog entries to be about Piano Town music books. And that's because 6- and 7-year-olds don't blog yet. Seriously.

This is the picture that's on the cover of my Piano Town book. I'm up to the song "Bounce House" in Book 3 (yes!), which is bright purple. It is really hard for me. I mean, I look at the music, and it looks really, really simple. It sort of looks like that paper you used in first grade with the green dotted line down the middle of each line that helped you learn to write first roman then cursive. It's big, I'm telling you. And it's all just quarter notes and eighth notes. Nothing complicated. But this week I literally could not play one of the songs. My fingers just would not do it. I told my teacher I thought my brain was slowing down. For many reasons I've been feeling like it is.

But then she told me that this other book she gave me, Modal Expressions, was one she never gave to her kids until after 3 years of playing! And then suddenly I can play a lot better!

It's amazing. I'm 31, but I'm still the little kid who wants to be the best in the class.

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jullee in the key of D major said...

I share your pain. You should see the little boy on one of the books I used months ago. I'm still not seeing any adults on my book covers. Guess that'll come when I'm about 80. And yeah, that "best-in-the-class" thing lasts until ... about two seconds before you go to that big rehearsal room in the sky, from what I hear. I want my gold star for playing a really nice etude during a lesson this past week! Waaaa!