Monday, May 28, 2007

It's hot

I mean, it's really hot here. It's a day for two showers. Not for me, though. I prefer to wallow and complain.

Today we went to the garden center for what Jeffrey calls "the magic of seeds." We picked up some more basil, along with arugula, chives, and a couple things I can neither pronounce nor imagine using. But Jeffrey promises to use it if I grow it.

We hadn't been to this particular garden center since my last green obsession, the Aloe Situation of 2001. I dug out a rewards card and showed it at the counter. Since it was so old, it wasn't in the system, but here's the VERY WEIRD THING: When I gave them my phone number, it pulled up a bunch of similar phone numbers and one was THE COMBINATION OF MY AND JEFFREY'S NAMES. My first name, Jeffrey's last name. AND she lives on our same street, probably 6 blocks away. I said to Jeffrey, Hey, what are you doing living with another person named Judy? Anyway, weird, huh?

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julleeeee said...

that's totally freaky. you must have had chills running through your system when you heard that (about the names). i vote for this story to be in your memoirs. or at least the graphic novel of your life.