Sunday, May 06, 2007

A couple pics

And by a couple, I mean exactly 2. I'm sort of freaky about that. Some people say a couple is around 2. It could be 3. Or even 4! For me, 2 is a couple. 3 is a few. And because they sound sim-u-lar, several is 7. Jeffrey says I'm precise. I am. But it doesn't mean I'm right. I just have ideas about how things should be. As my friend from college, Brian, used to say, beliefs must be deeply held; otherwise they'd be called whims.

Reason No. 1072 that I love Jeffrey.

This is the closest to cool in outfitry I've ever gotten. I'm into these sort of modern-for-the-moment shoes, and Lauren put my unwarranted long hair into a bun. With a pencil! She doesn't realize I'm going to ask her to do that every time I see her. I'm also wearing my Queen T, an ironic nod to the fact that the actual queen of England was visiting the country. I made Jeffrey take a picture. Hee!

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