Monday, May 14, 2007

Black ain't beautiful

Alright, so Spider-Man 3. Lessons learned:

1. All things black are evil. Also see: unkempt bangs and patchy skin.
2. Women forgive being kidnapped and slapped to the ground. If they're Russian immigrants, they really like aggressive, cocky behavior.
3. Losing your memory makes you actively, blissfully happy (Jeffrey has offered to bonk me on the head toward this end).
4. Almost everyone is selfish.

*update* I forgot to mention how much I hate the nickname "Topher" for Christopher. As David would say, poseur alert! OK, now back to the blog.

But will I watch it when it's on HBO? Certainly. I *may* even get it from Netflix.

In other news, Jeffrey and I tried the food from the American Rover today. It was of an extreme deliciousness. I've never dealt with a caterer before, so I didn't know how the whole thing would go. Would we pay for the tasting food? I didn't understand any of it. And when we got there, they weren't expecting us (even though I'd made an appointment). So we sat for a long time, just drinking water.

And then the food came. And it kept coming. First a ham biscuit, which was big and really tasty. Then roast beef wrapped around pine nuts and arugula and blue cheese. You can imagine how that was. Then catfish nuggets, then satay chicken and really crabby crab and artichoke dip. I mean, it was a serious amount of really good food. It makes our decision that much harder, because it's cheaper and so much better.

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