Saturday, April 07, 2007

Rock the potty that rocks the body

The only thing that I can talk about from today is the fun I've had investigating/mocking our new bathroom music. The only time I let myself into our can today I heard the tail end of "Ticket to Ride," beautifully done with a full orchestra, and the very beginning of "Blue Moon," which I only know because Cybill Shepherd sang it on "Moonlighting," which I adored in like, 7th grade (there, that's how old I am). "Ticket to Ride" just made me laugh out loud, when I considered someone directing an orchestra (I imagined a short white man, not unlike Bob Balaban), with everyone dressed in full evening wear. Just a funny image to me.

Then, after work, Good and Evil Brians and I went to investigate the rumor that the music had a volume control that could be controlled by us underlings. Sure enough, the ceiling speakers have little round knobs on them, which we assume is the volume control, as the music in the men's room was much quieter than in the women's. None of us could reach them, though. Evil Brian threatens to "rock out" their bathroom tomorrow. "Just try and pee while Nine Inch Nails is blasting," he says.

It was the first time I'd seen the men's bathroom at work in at least 7 years. It is disgusting. It smells bad and there are just papers strewn about. Brians were very impressed at the niceness of the sinks in our bathroom, which I thought was funny until I saw the sinks in theirs. The whole place was seriously nast.

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Jullee said...

Wow. I never got to see the mens room at The Pilot. You're really lucky. I wondered what it looked like in there -- especially after the cops reporter (no name mentioned here) told me about the shit stains he'd sometimes see (and smell) smeared across the walls. He was mortified and his inquiring mind wanted to know: Who did it? After I heard that story, I remember walking around for weeks looking more closely at all Pilot men's fingernails.