Sunday, April 01, 2007

Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa.

No comment here, except that I'm very glad that I wasn't high or stoned or, um, tripping? when I saw this guy.

It's odd, because I think of Iowa and family as being wholesome, but this trip has been, essentially, an exploration of many sins.* I've been eating in a way that I really have no right to, and then napping and full-on sleeping at any time of the day. That's gluttony and sloth, right? I also found myself gambling on Saturday night, for the first time since I graduated from college 10 years ago. Now I know that's a sin. I also know, from the research I immediately did upon returning home, that there are no such gambling facilities in my current state of residence. As is my way, I immediately called Jeffrey and informed him that I probably have a gambling problem. Like with my drinking problem, it's something I never actually do but think about doing on occasion.

It's been a really fun, if very short, trip. We went on 2 Easter egg hunts this weekend, as well as having a birthday party for my nephew, Luc, who is newly 2. Check him out here in his egg-hunt glory. In case you can't tell, his basket is empty. He was into having a basket; filling it not so much.

I'm ready to be home, though. I haven't seen Jeffrey in a week, and I miss us.

* At least what I remember from the movie Se7en, which I didn't see but have heard about from people who did, and other general conversations I've had about sins, as defined within Judeo-Christian tradition.

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Maliavale said...

Mmm. Gluttony.