Sunday, April 08, 2007

All the makings of a great day

Lots of piano, and then 18 steamed crabs to usher in my annual crustacean season. I don't eat them all at once, mind you. I always get them early in my weekend so I can eat them for just about every meal for 2 days. Jeffrey is immune to the disgusting site, coupled with sucking noises, by now. We really must get married before he changes his mind.

My piano teacher wants me to work on my phrasing, or "articulation." I tell her, "I'm like, you know, kind of already articulate youknowwhatImean?" At any rate, I need to slur my notes together in Minuet in G, so what I've been doing is moving my whole body fluidly forward as I play those notes. It's ridiculous-looking and the jury is out on whether it actually improves the phrases. I also do it while I walk around. You know, the house, the neighborhood, the office, wherever. Oh yes, I'll gladly give up my dignity for art.

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Jullee said...

Articulation's a bitch on the violin. But I try really, really hard. Maybe I should start moving fluidly around the house. While vacuuming, for example.