Friday, March 23, 2007

My delicious new toy

Because I can't do anything easily or simply, I ordered one of these last week for roasting garlic in the oven. It came a couple days ago and I set about roasting right away. I am ridiculously excited. I just finished snacking on roasted garlic spread on warmed Asiago ciabatta bread. Every bite was like heaven, a fancy-breaded heaven we won't be able to afford once we buy a house. After I got finished eating the roasted garlic, I actually sucked on the garlic skins. Gross, true and delicious.

Weird fact I just discovered: If you click on any story on the New York Times Web site, and then double-click on any word, a little window will pop up defining the word. Every word, like statistic or John Edwards. Isn't that the coolest? Try it!

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