Monday, March 26, 2007

Maddy and me

We're on our own this week, so you know what that means: She's been making a mess of the place. Pots are everywhere, not to mention shoes and clothes. Also, when she goes to the store, all she gets is feel-good junk food in the form of 100-empty-calorie packs of garbage. I tell you what.

I spent most of yesterday on the couch, feeling debilitated because I had tried out a new exercise DVD. Of course, as I write this, Heather Mills is dancing THE MAMBO with a friggin' back walkover on the television. She is really surprising! I have to admit that I watched in total fear that she would fall on the stage. Not only did she not fall, but I can totally not tell which leg is prosthetic. She was really good. I have to admit that I feel a little inspired by her. To do what, I have no idea.

The exciting news on the piano front is that I'm now officially playing Bach's Minuet in G, which I had been practicing in secret. It's the one that goes Doo doodoodoodoodoo doo doo. Doo! doodoodoodoodoo! doo doo. You know that song? The first part of the song is fairly pedestrian, but the second part is one of the prettiest passages that I've ever heard. It's amazingly hopeful and perfect for the spring.

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