Thursday, March 29, 2007

Leavin'! On a jet plane! Don't know when I'll be back again.

I mean, really, I'll *most likely* be back on Monday. But one never knows, now does one, now does one.*

I'm going back to the homeland this weekend for a short visit. I'm so excited. Yesterday at work started crazy and stayed crazy, with a major spike in craziness around 11:15. That's 4:15 to you 9-to-5ers. That happens sometimes -- I honestly think there's something in the air on those nights because I can tell early on that everything is going to be weird. But I'm not exhausted today, which is good. I also think we did the right thing, which is the most important.

OK I gotta go do laundry and figure out what I want my sister to make for me while I'm home. That's one of the comforts of home (along with cottony soft Cottonelle, right?) -- family members who stock the fridge and make your favorite meals when you come home. This time she's stymied because I'm a pescatarian again (that's right! I haven't written about it, but it's true!). So I think I'm going to make a tofu lasagna while I'm there. I'm just so excited to be in the heartland again!

* With apologies to David Foster Wallace.


Update: I went onto iTunes to look up that jet plane song, which I am learning was written by John Denver and not the cast of "Armageddon," and I found 2 (!) versions with explicit lyrics! Of a John Denver song!!! My gods, what would the Muppets think?

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