Monday, March 12, 2007

File this under "Things I believe that drive Jeffrey crazy"

"Batman Begins" is about halfway through on HBO right now. Jeffrey has already proclaimed, "Once this is over, I'm going to put the DVD in and start it back up again!" The movie highlights a major difference of opinion between us: I think Cillian Murphy, who plays the bad guy in both "Batman Begins" and "Red Eye," maybe and/or most likely is a mean guy in real life. I mean, he seems really, really bad in those movies. Look at the way he shakes his head when he says "It's the Bat-man!" At the very least, I think, he's maybe not very nice.

Yesterday we had a lovely food day. In the morning, Jeffrey made us garlic/spinach/cheese eggs for breakfast, which was a lovely start. Then we went for a long walk through West Ghent, looking at houses that we can never afford. One did have a charming servants' quarters in which we might be able to squat. Then, after we went crazy at Harris Teeter, we came home and made pita pizzas. I roasted some garlic and spread it on the pita with olive oil, olives, hearts of palm, mushrooms, red pepper and several kinds of cheese of varied levels of stinkiness. It was so good that I'm making it again tonight!

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