Saturday, March 10, 2007


I got a catalog from the Popcorn Factory today with their big Easter spread. Almost all of its thoughtless-gift vibe made me sort of sad, but this item made me laugh. It's a $20 chocolate bunny with extra ears, because that's everyone's favorite, they say. It reminds me of an Emo Philips bit that I heard when I was a kid. He said his school psychologist gave him a chocolate bunny to see how he would eat it. If he ate the ears first, he'd be normal. If he ate the feet first, it meant he had an inferiority complex. If he'd have eaten the tail first, he'd have homosexual tendencies, and if he'd have eaten the breasts first, he'd have an Oedipal complex. And he asks, what does it mean when you eat the eyes first and scream, "STOP LOOKING AT ME!"?

Ah, old-school weirdo comedy. You disappeared, like the time when chocolate bunny ears had value because there were only 2 of them per bunny torso.

20 bucks!

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