Friday, February 16, 2007


A memory: In sixth grade, we had to make a self-portrait using photos and headlines from a stack of magazines and art books that had been cannibalized for this assignment for years. You know, like, I enjoy tennis! Or I like to read! I'm a big sister! And I found a picture of the ivory bust of a bald man. Sort of Caesar-esque. I tore it down the center, and pasted it on the construction paper askew. And that was it. They asked me what it meant, and I told them, "I'm a crack-headed old man." And, as is still my bad habit, I used repetition as a means of explanation. "I am a crack-headed old man. I'm a crack-headed old man." That was all I had for them. I'd heard the phrase in "Bill," a Mickey Rooney movie about a retarded man at The University of Iowa and the people who try to help him and understand him. He said it about himself. It made sense to me right away. Anyway, I made this out of PlayDoh tonight.

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