Monday, February 26, 2007

Movies that make me cry

1. "That Thing You Do." When the band's single plays on the radio for the first time, and each of the members and Liv Tyler hear it at the same time and then start dancing around Patterson's appliance store, I just lose it. I don't know why. I think it's because I'm so happy that they're living their dream or something. Anyway, I'm getting a little choked up right now thinking about it. Well, that and the fact that it's on HBO right now.

2. "The Mummy Returns." When Ardeth and his friends are in the dessert fighting, you know, these gigantic bipedal monster dogs, they beat the first wave. Then they celebrate, and as they're doing so, like a blanket of billions of monster dogs comes up over the sand hills.

Oh wait, that radio celebration scene is on HBO right now. They're screaming and slipping and dancing and hugging. Fuck, that's good.

So anyway, in the Mummy movie, these billions of monster dogs come up over the sand hills. And they're far enough away from the fighters for good that there's a moment in which their characters can be defined. And instead of showing fear, which they clearly have, they show bravery. Instead of giving up, the fighters for the forces of good proclaim they will fight to the death! And then all of them (outnumbered by millions) raise their swords together. And for some reason, that always makes me cry. They're all going to give their lives and fight against insurmountable odds for good. It's really moving.

3. "The Wedding Singer." Yeah, I know that when Adam Sandler sings to Drew Barrymore on the plane that he wants to take care of her when she gets sick, it's blatant manipulation. But it works!

4. "Life is Beautiful." Come on, I'm only human.

5. "Brokeback Mountain." The fifteen-minute stretch from when Ennis Del Mar finds Jack's shirt and his shirt wrapped together in Jack's closet until the end, I'm pretty much a big wreck. And when Ennis opens his sad little closet and his shirt is enveloping Jack's, I just bawl.

"Jack Twist, I swear."

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