Monday, February 26, 2007

So I think I am maybe extremely impressionable? What do you think?

Last night, after an alternately very entertaining and interminably boring Oscars ceremony (I love you, Ellen!), Jeffrey and I settled in with "Reign of Fire," a 2002 movie about dragons, which we had actually seen in the theaters. Yes, all of those words are correct. It was a movie about dragons that we left the house to see. Seriously, it's not an awful movie. There are a few smart moments in it, and Christian Bale is in it, so right there you've got hotness and good acting.

Anyway, Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey's characters go after the main dragon (still not a bad movie!) in the end, and they're talking about how dragons are: They live on ash, they live on the death of human beings.

And then I thought, well, we humans live on the death of animals, too. So then I imagined a couple Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey-like cows battling a gigantic human, plotting to take him/her out with a couple cow-fashioned guns and a cow battle-ax.

So OK. I still think like a vegetarian. And it means it's probably not out of my system yet. But a movie like "Reign of Fire" can turn me into one? I mean, seriously? In a million years, I can't imagine the filmmakers ever even conceived that that would happen.

Or maybe it's that once I know something I can never un-know it. My brain just finds ways to remind me.

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