Friday, February 23, 2007

I am lucky

Yesterday was a whirlwind. It was sort of a rough start, because I was supposed to have lunch with John, but then I didn't get up until 20 minutes after I was supposed to meet him. I had set my alarm for 12 a.m., sted 12 p.m. (the difference, I believe, between testing at a genius level and being a genius) Jeffrey yelled, "It's 1:20!" I scrambled out of bed, with my heart pounding that disoriented HEY-I-was-JUST-sleeping beat, and called the restaurant. John was super-cool, and said he was just reading a magazine, and I could come or just take a raincheck. When I got there, he had ordered us chips dusted with parmesan, with melted white cheddar and bacon on top, to get my day started right. And you know, it did. We had a great talk; we've always been able to get to the heart of things really quickly. I told him about some troubles I've been having lately with some of the relationships in my life, and he, being a couple decades older than me and male, gave me some perspectives I hadn't thought about. But I'll think about them for a long time.

Then after work, I went over to Laura and Lauren's for Office and Grey's. The Office was painful and warmhearted, and Grey's was overly dramatic (anyone else just tired of Izzy?) and logically inconsistent. Afterward, we chatted about upcoming situations where there will be a high chance of awkwardness. We laughed a lot.

In the middle, there was work, and it was incredibly frustrating. But what a wonderful way to start and end a day.

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