Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So it turns out that people have been clicking on my blog from searches for Holiday Mathis (my closest personal adviser) and Nicholas Garrigan, the fakey doctor from "The Last King of Scotland." I'm sorry if that's how you've gotten here and you were looking for something else. It's been a problem for me ever since my first Web site, Neato Mosquito, in college. I got a really nice note once from an entomologist who had been looking up information about mosquitoes. He found the site to be oddly compelling.

Jeffrey and I finally finished the Up series for now. I'm sure it's just the editing, but I really feel like I got to know each of the people featured. Everyone seems sort of happy at 49, so it's a good place to end it. I hope I'm happy at 49. Next up for me, DVD-wise, is Family Ties: The First Season. I didn't remember how many "very special" episodes there were in the first season, before it became Alex Fluff Time. There's the one in which 15-year-old Mallory gets groped by a gross friend of the family, and the one in which Alex loses his virginity to an older woman who thought the whole thing was a lot more casual than Alex did. Seriously. Eat it, the makers of Blossom.

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