Thursday, February 08, 2007

Flash! Ah! He saved every one of us!

OK, I have to apologize right off the bat. I couldn't control my need to drop a pop cultural reference, despite the fact that this entry will have nothing at all to do with the gratuitous-singlet camp or its fierce soundtrack. Instead, I will travel well-tread ground and talk about my new flash drive. Look at how small it is!

See? It's about the size of two hotels,

which is, of course, equal to eight houses.

The thing is 2Gb and I got it for $30 this weekend at OfficeMax. But I gotta say, I felt pretty silly when I got up to the counter and discovered that they were giving away 256Mb flash drives with their gift cards. The first computer that I bought, in my sophomore year of college, had a hard drive of 250Mb. I got it for about $3,000, and it came with 8 sweet, sweet megabytes of RAM. And now they're GIVING AWAY bigger drives.

Anyway, shit moves fast. That's all I'm saying.

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