Thursday, February 22, 2007

Double scales and check out this cat who's better than me

This week I'm practicing the C scale in 2 octaves. All I can say is that when I get to the end and have just the right number of fingers left, there is always a quick explosion of jubilation and shock. And, I should say, I'm practicing both hands together, which means I'm really doing 4 octaves. It shouldn't be as hard as it is.

The trouble is this video. As much as I practice and pursue classical training, this cat has way more artistry than me.

Thanks to maliavale for showing me the cutest thing that ever made me feel bad about myself. 8)

1 comment:

maliavale said...

Perhaps you aren't rubbing on the keys enough with your head? As my friend Erin described the video, "tink, tink, ruuuuub!" And thusly, "tink, tink, rub" rose to the status of my favorite expression.